The Key to Success – More than Luck and Coincidence

Successful people aren’t successful by chance or as the result of dumb luck. It’s much more likely that they have evolved and accomplished by design. A carefully executed sales pitch, saying “yes” to a new opportunity, artful time management – high achievers each have their own skillset, approach, and strategy for opening doors and furthering their careers. They work and strive to generate luck for themselves.

How can you create your own good luck? Here are some practical, wise tips from several successful executives:

  • Consider something you want to improve to inspire a new pitch or project.

  • Explore beyond your comfort zone to be exposed to new ideas and opportunities.

  • Brainstorm possible solutions to a problem rather than merely complaining about it.

  • Remember to set aside time for yourself so that you can give your business the energy it requires.

  • Use the envy you have for others to expand your motivation and approach to your own career.

It’s easy to assume that professional success is the result of good fortune alone. True, a little luck certainly helps, but there are many solid and smart habits to embrace that will impact and guide your professional achievement.

Melissa Hindle