5 Tips to Nail the Interview for Your Dream Job

Getting your dream job can be a daunting task. You searched above and beyond for the job of your dreams and you finally manage to score an interview with the company of your choice. A job interview is the perfect chance to give your prospective employers a great first impression. While you might think that you have to be absolutely perfect during that job interview, you might end up losing the potential job offer if you try too hard to impress your interviewer.

Instead, follow these tips and hints to help you nail your next job interview:

1. Be confident.

It’s natural to feel a bit nervous before a big interview but fighting off those last minute nerves will help yield the results you want. The only way to overcome the anxiety that interviews bring is to constantly do it. Practice, practice, practice. Also, arrive at the interview on time and well-dressed. Doing so can help relieve some of the interview jitters that you may have by helping you feel more prepared and self-confident. Don’t forget to smile and make direct eye contact–two huge indicators of self-esteem and confidence!

This shows your potential employer that you are confident in yourself as well as your abilities. Give them a reason to believe that you are the perfect person for the job. A genuine smile, direct eye contact, and a firm handshake go a long way!

2. Avoid speaking in general terms.

Instead of explicitly telling your interviewer how you’re simply a hard worker, use specific examples from your resume or previous job experience to show them that. For example, explain how even though you were an entry-level marketing assistant, you were able to take on additional tasks while your boss was on maternity leave for 3 months, such as managing a team of graphic designers, compiling weekly reports, and reporting your data to the CEO every Thursday.

This shows your interviewer that you are responsible, dependable, hard-working, can multi-task, and that you have the ability to work with others. Essentially, you just nailed 5 birds with one stone and provided several examples of how you are qualified for the job. 

3. Stay relevant.

Your interviewer’s time is precious. Avoid going off on tangents and stay on topic. When answering your interviewer’s questions, make sure your responses pertain to the actual topic at hand. If your interviewer asks you to tell them about yourself, don’t respond with how awful your day was or that your dog died last week.

1/3 of employers know whether or not they will hire you in the first 90 seconds of an interview. Use this opportunity to make a good first impression instead of wasting valuable time.

4. Don’t talk negatively about your previous job experience(s).

By talking about your old bosses or co-workers in a negative fashion, your potential employer will see that you act unprofessional and are a complainer. It also reveals that you may be difficult to work with–a huge no no.

If you’re going to badmouth your previous employer, what makes your interviewer think that you won’t do it to them? If you don’t have anything nice to say about your previous employers, don’t include it in the conversation. 

5. Follow up.

Don’t forget to thank your interviewer for their time immediately after the interview. Take this a step further by sending a follow up e-mail or writing them a handwritten note for a more personal touch. Take some time to write the perfect thank you note.

Interviewees who follow up after the interview show the interviewer that they are indeed interested in the open position. However, only 20% of interviewees actually do this! This is where you can make your mark that’ll set you apart from your competition!

Melissa Hindle