Why You Should Communicate Your Values in Every Job Interview

Hiring managers read your resume, consider your experience, visit your LinkedIn profile, check your references, and verify your skills. You’re highly qualified for the job, and so are several other people in today’s tight job market. How do potential employers differentiate amongst a pool of highly qualified candidates? What’s missing that can’t be captured on a resume or shared in a first- or second-round interview? Values – potential employers want to know if your values are in alignment with their culture and philosophy, and there are several key values they look for.

Do you . . .

  • describe yourself as having a growth mindset that will be an asset to the growth and future of the company?

  • come across as a positive and forward-looking person?

  • work well as a member of a team and recognize the strengths of your colleagues generously?

  • possess any unique, special skills that would add value to the company beyond the job description?

Only you can adequately convey your values and priorities that can’t be communicated from a resume or online profile, and you’re the best ambassador for the principles and soft skills that you bring to the table, so don’t hesitate to share your values on your next job interview. 

Melissa Hindle