How Continuing Education Will Make You A Better Employee

If you are looking to get out of a dead end job or perhaps climb the ladder of success within your field, it might be worth the effort to continue developing your education. Education can come by way of many formats, whether it be going to school to get a degree, auditing a course, taking part in a webinar, or simply reading a book.

Education growth can happen at any age and the number of people participating is rising. According to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, in 2016 a demand for continuing education for adults 35 years of age or older had grown at a rate of 7 percent. This is because there are many reasons and benefits that stem from continuing education in any format.

An experienced educational background will open doors to opportunities and can also help guide you if you’re feeling uncertain of your next step on the career path. The more you know, the more clarity and understanding you will have to assist you with your life and future decisions. Not only will education make you more valuable on your resume, but it will also make you an even stronger asset on your already established team.

An advanced degree shows your commitment to learning

Having a graduate degree will make you more marketable and increase your chances of being eligible for a promotion which in turn can bring higher wages. It’s never too late to keep learning.

Additionally,  furthering your education means you can develop new skills and knowledge. Taking courses beyond your career will allow you to explore personal interests and other subjects forming you into a more well-rounded person. If you choose to learn in a classroom you also become exposed to a diversity of people and learn to work together through discussion, which is a key component as an employee. This will also help bring new perspective and skills that can be applied to your current job or career path. Advancing your education also has positive mental health benefits as it can establish a sense of self-confidence and re-energize stale motivation.

The state of the economy, particularly during one of a recession, usually draws people to expand their education. In the unfortunate circumstance of layoffs, an improvement of skills will showcase you as someone to keep hired on, or can help assist you in finding new opportunities during a bleak climate.

Stay ahead of the curve by keeping on top of industry trends

Depending on your profession, it’s important to stay up to date on industry trends and the shifts and changes that can arise. Being out of touch can be detrimental to you and will make your more replaceable. Staying relevant is necessary when technology continues to push forward. In some cases there are employers that offer financial incentive to continue education. The advantage of employees learning more about the field will only enhance the final product of their company and the quality of character for the people who they employ. Putting forth this effort could mean a chance of increased job mobility within your workplace.

The biggest plus that comes from continuing your education is instilling and improving on your ability to learn. Being open to experience and learning new things will make you a versatile and adaptable employee. This is beyond important in a workplace. No one wants a stubborn worker who thinks they know it all. There are constant changes in a work environment and it’s important to be able to navigate changing expectations to your best ability.

No matter who you are, where you’re from or what your age is, don’t be afraid to take steps toward a better education. As long as you remain open to learning you will find that in turn doors of opportunity will start to open for you.

Melissa Hindle