Defining Your Leadership Style

What exactly defines a great leader? If you’ve had the benefit of working alongside or for someone with outstanding leadership skills, you’re likely able to articulate how they mentored you, improved your performance, or helped you advance in your career. However, no two leaders are alike.

Great leadership is many things rolled into one – a unique combination of skills, values, and strategies that an individual integrates into their role every day. There are some good habits that are highly common amongst most great leaders however, such as:

  • Communication that inspires, energizes, and builds relationships

  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Generosity with praise crediting others

  • Authenticity and honesty

These habits don’t appear overnight – rather, they evolve with practice and intention – and certainly, not every leader possesses all of them or practices them all of the time. Concentrating on just one or two of these will start you on the right path to developing your own leadership skills and style. Click here to read more about becoming a great leader.

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Melissa Hindle